The story of MaldivesĀ 

President Maumoon stole my future before I was conceived, he ran this country to it’s corrupt state it is today.

Than came a leader who brought democracy to our nation, but before he got the chance to fix this messed up country, he was kicked out of his term by the help of corrupt police officers and military personnels, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

It’s like the government of this, so called ‘island paradise’ is runned by money greedy scums who depend on the middle class to do their dirty work and get their filthy illegal money through squeezing every drop of blood from our middle class public. 

Than, in the cold silence like before a heavy storm. Came a president who sold this country blind to the rich and wealthy around the globe. 

It’s funny how they say everything happens for a reason… 

All that crap went down before they gave me the right to vote. Before my opinion ever mattered to them or anyone else. 

And now, when I do finally get to vote in next year’s election. Do you expect me to do so? Do you honestly want me to give a fuck about this country when the “adults” are too busy fucking around in the Parliament or getting some slut to jack you off in a sleezy hotel room with a hidden fucking cam?!

Either you evolve or step off so that our generation can take over the big table and let you kids sort out your crap somewhere else so that this country can go forward! 

The only thing holding this country back is people like you and your ways. You people have disgusted and disgraced this once great nation.